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Nørrebro Sweater

Nørrebro Sweater

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XS (S) M (L) XL (2L) 3XL (4XL) 5XL

Your bust circumference in cm: 71-80 (81-90) 91-100 (101-110) 111-120 (121-130) 131-140 (141-150) 151-160
Your waist circumference in cm: 55-64 (65-74) 75-84 (85-94) 95-104 (105-114) 115-124 (125-134) 135-145

This garment has a positive ease of approximately 35 cm. Choose a size to knit based on your measurements, and the garment will fit you as intended.
The ribbed edges are more close-fitting, with a positive ease of about 5-10cm.

Not all bodies look alike - thankfully! So, the intended fit of a garment might not fit everyone equally well. Unlucky Knits patterns always include a "Customization Guide" with tips on how to adapt the garment to fit you perfectly. 


Circular needles 15 mm [US size 19]
Circular needles 10 mm [US size 15]
Wires, length 40, 60 and 80 cm
(note: wire length is the total length including needles)
Wool needle for weaving in loose ends

Recommended yarn type: Silk mohair or brushed alpaca.
Meterage: 200 meters pr. 25 grams
Strands: Knit with 6 strands of yarn held together
Amount needed: 350 (350) 400 (400) 450 (450) 500 (550) 550 (600) grams


Recommended: Mohair
Mohair yarn is generally easy to purchase all around the world, and can be found in all price ranges.
I definitely recommend knitting with mohair/kid silk mohair for this project.

The best alternative: Brushed Alpacca
If you prefer working with brushed alpacca, this is a great alternative to mohair and should work perfectly for this pattern.

Another alternative: Blowyarn
As this garment is worked with 6 mohair strands held together, you do need a ton of yarn skeins, which can easily become expensive.
If you prefer, you can opt to replace 4 of the 6 mohair strands with one strand of blowyarn, with meterage 110 meters pr. 50 grams.
Meaning you would work with 2 strands of mohair held together with one strand of blowyarn, instead of 6 strands of mohair.

This option has been tested and is definitely possible, albeit the sweater will be slightly heavier and a little less fluffy.



This pattern generally contains very few advanced techniques, it offers detailed explanations of the entire process, and is generally clear and easily legible to all.

The pattern does contain abbreviations to certain words (k = knit, p = purl etc.) with a guide explaining the meaning of every abbreviation.

You can always check out the Unlucky Knits guides, if you need help along the way.

Please keep in mind that what some find difficult, you might find easy - and vice versa. The stated difficulty is an estimation based on the techniques needed and feedback from testknitters.